The Boutique Community Theatre Changes Hands

The curtain has come down for Karrie and Ken Sebryk, founders of The Boutique Community Theatre, who due to personal reasons, have chosen to pass on the project to Nacho Daddy co-owners, Tammy Prust and Sean Moore. “For ten years the Boutique has given Karrie and me untold hours of joy as we came to know splendid actors, directors and stage crew who came together to produce unforgettable moments before enthralled audiences,” commented Ken. “Now is the time for a new and fresh direction from Sean and Tammy and let the curtain continue to rise on the best amateur theatre in Puerto Vallarta.”

It is difficult to believe that the Sebryks produced and directed the Boutique’s first show,  Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana at Puerto Vallarta’s CECATUR theater fourteen years ago. The CECATUR theater was not destined to become the Boutique’s permanent home, so the project moved to Cathy Von Rohr’s art studio on Manuel M. Dieguez St. At that location, Karrie wrote and directed Robin’s Hoods. The Boutique subsequently moved to Naranjo St. eight years ago with its production of the musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. At this location, The Boutique generously opened its door for other local performing arts projects to prosper, such as the Puerto Vallarta Gay Men’s’ Chorus and Perro Bravo’s production of Mexican playwright Tomás Urtusástegui’s stage comedy Princesas Desesperadas, which began its run in a basement and continues to delight local audiences to date.

For the past six seasons, The Boutique Community Theatre has called Nacho Daddy’s second story performance space home, bringing into its fold a number of other community-based events, such as lectures, conferences and film screenings; and creating performing opportunities for local singers, such as Mikki Prost and Sol Rose, while continuing to produce and present dozens of plays featuring members of the Puerto Vallarta performing arts community, many of which came to the Boutique with little experience and have found a new life passion through theater.

For the current season, the Boutique chose to return to its roots, focusing on its primary focus of producing community theater, a vision that is now preserved by its new overseers moving forward. “We just want to assure everybody that we’re not planning on making any major changes in the theater,” commented Nacho Daddy owner, Sean Moore. “We want to do our best to honor what Karrie and Ken have accomplished in partnering with us and wish them all the best.” “It is important for us to keep Karrie’s community theater dream alive,” added Tammy. “We love and appreciate Karrie and Ken for the good fortune of partnering with them for the past few years.” 

In this new chapter, The Boutique Community Theater is managed by Craig Szczepanski, who also had the opportunity to work alongside the Sebryks. “I’ve had the great fortune to work alongside Ken and Karrie during the last season. After getting to know their spirit, dedication, and passion for the Puerto Vallarta performing arts community, it was an easy decision for me to step up and undertake a bigger role in their dream,” he commented.

8 Replies to “The Boutique Community Theatre Changes Hands”

  1. So glade to have been involved with these too brilliant people through all the moves it has helped me grow into the man I now am because of there love and tutelage

  2. May health be your gifts Ken and Kerrie. You are two amazing people I had the privilege to know. Thank you for your contribution to the arts community and for your kindness to the PV Writer’s Group… Blessings
    Donna Larkin ☮️💟

  3. What a hard decision this was for Ken and Karrie but as always the decision was made in the best interest of the theatre no matter the personal cost. My husband and I have known these two beautiful people for over 60 years and know how much they loved all those they worked with at the Boutique. God bless you all for carry on their legacy.

  4. Blessings go to Kerrie & Ken for bringing so much to the community of arts & culture! We enjoyed many shows while we lived in PV & supported live theatre. There comes a time to move on..and this is it.
    Bless you both richly with Love, Peace, Health & Happiness!
    Thank you! With fondest memories, Alyce & Sonny❤️❤️

  5. Thanks to the Sebryks for their vision and tenacity . They helped shape the wonderful place that makes Vallarta what it is. Good luck to Sean and Tammy!

  6. Carrie and Ken…thank you for all the wonderful work and all the fun brought to Vallarta through the Theatre. I remember when it was on Olas Altas…1st time I ever went. All the best in whatever you two decide is next on the horizon. HUGS!

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