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PayPal - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PayPal is a great way to make online purchases safely and often.  Please review some of the common questions patrons have about using PayPal to purchase online tickets.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to buy tickets?

No – having an account is optional.  You can proceed past the login screen without creating an account.   As illustrated in this image there are options below the login button that will allow you to proceed without having an account.


Do I need to give PayPal my personal information?

PayPal needs to verify that you are the person using your card.  They will ask for the minimum personal information required to verify your purchase, such as name, address and email address.  They will also require the verification number on the back of your physical card.


Why do I need to give PayPal my email address?

PayPal will send you a receipt for your purchase so you can bring it to the Boutique Theatre for admission.  They send this receipt to your email.


Do you have more questions?

The helpful staff at The Boutique Theatre is standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding our online ticketing system.  Feel free to email us info@btpv.org .

Here is PayPal’s official FAQ that explains further.

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