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Spring 2018 - End of Season Line-up!

Fresh New Look - Fresh New Team!

Welcome to The Boutique Community Theatre!

Our new name reflects who we are: a community.

We know that next season will be the best line-up ever!  To make this happen, The Boutique needs YOU!

Are you a talented or novice actor?  Great!  

Want to work backstage, but have never tried?  Great!

The Boutique needs seamstresses, carpenters, actors, painters, directors, writers, back stage hands and more!

This is your community …come play with us!

For more info, email us:

The Savannah Sipping Society


Directed by Ralph Hyman

“The time has come to be fearless”

March 29 - April 14

5:00pm Dinner, 6:00pm Show

The Savannah Sipping Society - Dinner & Show
The Savannah Sipping Society - Show Only

TED Talk Tuesdays

Roger Sweaney

Medical Crisis Survivor, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

Observations from a ‘Medical Miracle’: What I learned surviving cancer, epilepsy, and a stroke”

Roger’s life story is both death-defying and inspirational.

With a textbook life ahead of him, Roger was taken down at a young age by a trio of medical crises most people don’t survive. He’s made it to age 50, and now lives full-time in Puerto Vallarta, appreciating every moment.

His warm personality, and never-quit philosophy, offer profound revelations in the lives of people who meet him.

April 17

10:00am Presentation

TED Talk Tuesdays - Roger Sweaney

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Fans Love Us!

Come and see what they are raving about!

Great food and fun. My wife and I loved the show!

Died Reimer

Tourist, Victoria, BC, Canada

Impressive lighting and sound – worth the drive 😀

John Riel

Resident, Teacapan

Photo Gallery – Scenes From Popular Shows

Ripcord, Transilvania, Francis Dey, A Two Scented Rose, Best of Broadway, The Widows of Pancho Villa, Over The River & Through The Woods, The Oldest Profession – to name only a few.  We are very fortunate to have such talented, generous performers!

Boutique Theatre

PV’s top spot for live community theatre.  Come and play with us!

... Come Play With Us!


Since The Night of The Iguana debuted in 2005, The Boutique Theatre has captured the hearts and imagination of this great community.  So many shows have graced our stage, and we invite our friends of the arts to join us for another great season.  Thank you for your generous support – we couldn’t do it without you!


– Karrie and Ken Sebryk, Founders

The Boutique Theatre

Basilio Badillo 287 A, Emiliano Zapata, 48380, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Tel.: 044-322-728-6878    Email:

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